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  • PUMA Grabber

    The Puma Grabber is a one of a kind tool on the market. It allows you to pick up debris ...
  • Quick-Lock BIG

    The Quick-Lock BIG sleeve is a product for permanently and tightly sealing leaking pipe joints, radial cracks, and longitudinal cracks ...
  • Retrieving Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work ...
  • Ridgid Style Retriever

    Special tool to retrieve eventually remaining rags lost spirals and tools from line.  
  • Bullet Tool

    Used for fast rod travel and as a puncturing tool.  
  • Cherne Air-Loc® Line Acceptance Kit

    Air-Loc® Low Pressure Air-Testing system has been successfully used for pipeline testing for over thirty-five years. This method of testing ...
  • Cherne Remo® Plugs

    Cherne® Remo® Remote Placement Plug eliminates the need to enter confined spaces and speeds up the pipe plugging process in ...
  • Electric Eel Model 325

    The Model 325 Gasoline powered sewer cleaner is designed to clean 100mm to 355mm diameter lines for distances up to ...
  • enz® Gliding Nozzles

    The enz® gliding nozzles are designed to give a small volume jet the ability to clean pipe walls up to 400mm ...
  • Finishing Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work ...
  • Guide Ball For SC10A Fitting

    Replacement Guide Ball For SC10A Fitting for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Handy-Clams One Piece or Knockdown Models

    The Handy-Clam is one of the most popular tools on the market for sewer cleaning. It allows you to clean ...
  • High Pressure Safety Gloves

    The TST Safety Gloves are the latest in high pressure water protection. They protect the hands from dangerous water strikes ...
  • Piranha 1″ Sewer Hose

    Piranha Series Slither™ Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses are designed with an ultra slippery cover which allows the hose to manoeuvre ...
  • PUMA 4 Pronged Debris Grabber

    Pulls out roots, rocks, cans and other debris from manhole. Zinc Plated. 8″ Wide.  Connects to fibreglass poles.  
  • Ridgid Style Straight Drill

    For most jobs, for stirring and breaking through chokings caused bu rags, papers or kitchen waste.  
  • RootX® | 980g Jars in Australia

      RootX® is a simple, cost-effective and proven way to kill pipeline roots blocking sewer lines and septic systems.
  • Trelleborg DrainLining

    Full-Length Sewer Rehabilitation of Main- and House Sewer DN 30 – DN 1000 by Inversion method The DrainLiner method is best ...
  • USJ-064-600 Water Filter Assembly

    Inlet Water Filter for US Jet 4014, 4018, 4025 and 2036.  
  • Cherne Air-Loc® Leak Location Kit

    Air-Loc® Leak Location Kit. If the line acceptance test indicates a leak in the sewer line, it becomes necessary to ...
  • Cherne Gripper® Plugs

    The Gripper® has become the most popular mechanical plug on the market. And our Gripper plug, like all Cherne mechanical ...
  • Dancutter Cutter Heads & Discs

    A wide range of cutter heads and discs for Dancutter systems.   If unsure of size or requirements, please contact ...
  • Drain Snake Cleaning Gloves

    • The ultimate rooter glove • Hard PVC embedded palms • Easy to see, bright yellow • Durable PVC coated ...
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