Mark Quealy
Co-Owner and Managing Director

Mark’s journey is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Starting as a plumber in Sydney, after completing his apprenticeship, he mastered his skills and ventured into the world of pipeline inspection. His expertise in CCTV inspections and sewer pipe patch lining led him to SECA, where he joined as a Sales Rep in his late 20s. Over the course of 30 years, Mark’s unwavering commitment and profound product & industry knowledge have propelled him from Sales Rep to General Manager then to Managing Director, and ultimately to the joint acquisition of SECA in 2021 with his wife, Nicola. His passion for providing customers with the perfect solutions is evident, driven by his deep understanding of SECA’s offerings. Leveraging an expansive global network of suppliers and contacts, Mark envisions a bright future for SECA. He aspires to make customers true advocates, enhancing their productivity through unparalleled service, support, top-quality products, expert advice, and cutting-edge technology.

Nicola Enz Quealy
Co-Owner and Strategic Programs Manager

Nicola followed in the footsteps of her Father who grew his small business to become a worldwide supplier of sewer cleaning tools. Nicola’s mechanical engineering studies led her to working in Project and Field Engineering roles, before joining SECA as a co-owner. Nicola manages special projects within SECA and engages closely with the team to continue driving a strong, values-based culture with a ‘Customer First’ approach. Additionally, she aims to position SECA as an employer of choice, solidifying the company’s standing as an industry leader.

Colin Handley
General Manager Operations and Innovations

Colin drives SECA’s innovation strategy to source global leading products and bring them into the Australian market. Qualified as an electronics technician, Colin has succeeded in building the largest CCTV service team in Australia. With over 20 years’ experience in the trenchless industry, Colin aims to deliver high quality technical and customer support, to every customer.

Paul Ormerod
Head of Commercial

Paul has responsibility for the ‘Go to Market’ strategy within SECA and the customer experience. Paul understands the value of customer engagement and insights delivering market leading solutions ensuring sustainable growth to both SECA and its customers. With vast management experience in C-suite level roles, Paul’s team delivers not just best in class products but a streamlined sales experience and ongoing support to customers.

Hugh O’Sullivan
National Business Development Manager – WinCan & Cameras

Hugh is a leading figure in inspection technology and software, currently serving as the National Business Development Manager for WinCan & Cameras at SECA. Joining SECA in 2008 after completing his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, Hugh discovered his passion for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Initially focusing on cameras, Hugh soon shifted his focus to the transformative potential of GIS software. Recognising its impact, he became a trusted advisor to councils and authorities across Australia and New Zealand, providing tailored training and consultation. Driven by a genuine passion for his clients’ success, Hugh’s commitment to excellence is evident. With a talent for simplifying complex concepts, he continues to shape the industry landscape through innovation and expertise.

Sue Dawson
Key Accounts Manager: Nurturing Strategic Partnerships

Sue plays a crucial role in maintaining and expanding SECA’s key customer relationships. With her extensive experience and strategic mindset, she ensures that customer’s needs are met, expectations are exceeded, and partnerships are nurtured. Her ability to understand market trends and identify opportunities helps the company remain at the forefront of the industry.