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    Aluminium Pole with Aluminium Quick Connect Ends

    Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from date of order.
  • Digital Manhole Measuring Device

    The Digitial Manhole Measuring Device ‘DiaMeter’ is a laser measuring device for pipe diameters. With it, diameters and inlets of ...
  • enz® Nozzle Extension Bar – Rated to 350bar

    The Nozzle Extension Bar is used as a safetyliner to prevent nozzle turnback in pipe.
  • Sewer Skimmer Rake 750mm (no handle)

    Constructed from strong lightweight aluminium, the Sewer Skimmer Rake is the optimum tool for removing floating scum, foam and other ...
  • Skorpion Manhole Cracker Lever

    The Skorpion Manhole Lid Cracker & Lifting Tools Easily and safely crack stubborn manhole lids with the Skorpion Lid Cracker ...
  • Skorpion Manhole Lid Lifting Hook

    The Skorpion Manhole Lid Lifting Hook Easily and safely lift heavy manhole lids.   [button title="Request a Quote" link="#contact_form_quote" target="" ...
  • Terra Firma Tool Box Key

    The Terra Firma Toolbox key is suitable for use with all Terra Firma Classic range pit lids. All Terra Firma ...
  • Traverse for Skorpion WS-016 Lever

    The traverse is a device that is to be used with the the Skorpion® WS-016 lever to help detach stubborn ...
  • Manhole Grate with Roller

    Galvinised grates.  Offers protection over open manholes while still allowing jetting, rodding or CCTV inspection to be carried out.   ...
  • PUMA Pole Carriers

    The Pole Carriers for your truck allow you to transport your pole set safely and securely. One side has a ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Scoopa Screens

    Keeps debris flow from spilling over back of tool. Good for catching roots. zinc plated. A great adaptation to our ...
  • Camera Hooks

    This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] for delivery time.
  • Out of Stock

    High Pressure Water Jetting PVC Safety Sign

    Our new safety signs comply with the Australian Standard 1319.  Which states: 5.4.3 Warning signs At all times, when high ...
  • PUMA Curved 6″ Grease Log Chopper for Fibreglass Poles

    6″ Grease log chopper now with curved side to better push material. These choppers are very sharp and can chop ...
  • Out of Stock

    Telescopic Pole for Grabbers

    This item is used to pick debris from the bottom of sewers, catch basin, wells and pits. The claw can ...
  • PUMA Sewer Hose Grabber for Fibreglass Poles

    The improved Hose Grabber connects to the fiberglass poles and is great for moving the hose in the manhole. The ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Steel Debris Grabber

    This Steel Debris Grabber is made of light weight steel so it is light and strong. Each size is telescopic ...
  • Out of Stock

    Safety Barrier – FLEXXY

    With the FLEXXY barrier, you can effortlessly close access to dangerous and restricted areas. FLEXXY is made with hard plastic, ...

    PUMA Opposite Hose Grabber for Fibreglass Poles Opposing C hooks grab hose in middle and twist for easy grabbing. Allows ...
  • Jetting Safety Plate

    Prevents hose from coming back up the drain. Has 5 holes to enable you to hear what’s going on in ...
  • PUMA Grabber

    The Puma Grabber is a one of a kind tool on the market. It allows you to pick up debris ...
  • Handy-Clams One Piece or Knockdown Models

    The Handy-Clam is one of the most popular tools on the market for sewer cleaning. It allows you to clean ...
  • High Pressure Safety Gloves

    The TST Safety Gloves are the latest in high pressure water protection. They protect the hands from dangerous water strikes ...
  • PUMA 4 Pronged Debris Grabber

    Pulls out roots, rocks, cans and other debris from manhole. Zinc Plated. 8″ Wide.  Connects to fibreglass poles.  
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