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  • USJ50251500 (FILTER – FUEL (SPIN ON)

    Suits all 3cyl models.  
  • Out of Stock

    Adjustable Top Safety Roller Steel Construction with Lateral Wings

    All steel construction with lateral wings for safety and to hold poles connected to bottom roller.   Please contact us ...
  • Camera Hooks

    This is a low stocked item.  If not in stock, please contact [email protected] for delivery time.
  • Cherne Muni-Ball® Plugs

    The Muni-Ball® Plug was introduced over 50 years ago and the Cherne brand continues to be the most trusted name in ...
  • Dancutter Diamond Tools

    Special purpose, milling and cutting heads for all materials, PVC, cement, concrete, cast iron and steel. For any enquiries, please ...
  • Double Round Stock Corkscrews

    Commonly used to remove rags, cans, sticks & other obstructions. 75 to 125mm pipe size. Used to grab root balls or ...
  • Electric Eel Kit Model R with 85 Cable

    The Model R Drain Cleaning Machine is a compact machine with open cage design for easy inspection and cleaning. Cleans 75mm to ...
  • enz KBR Nozzles

    This rotating nozzle is fitted with 2 spinning jets set at 90º and 2 semi radial rotating jets set at ...
  • Heavy-Duty Root Saw Tools

    All tools & accessories listed below are compatible with Electric Eel Models C, D-5, R, RF, 325, 800 and work ...
  • Out of Stock

    High Pressure Water Jetting PVC Safety Sign

    Our new safety signs comply with the Australian Standard 1319.  Which states: 5.4.3 Warning signs At all times, when high ...
  • MRT Manhole Rehab

    The MRT Blasting Unit is a fully automated and controllable water/granule blasting unit for preparation of manhole surfaces. The MRT ...
  • Piranha 3/8″ 60M Sewer Hose (5000 psi)

    Piranha Series Slither™ Cover Jetting/Lateral Line Hoses are designed with an ultra slippery cover which allows the hose to manoeuvre ...
  • PUMA Curved 6″ Grease Log Chopper for Fibreglass Poles

    6″ Grease log chopper now with curved side to better push material. These choppers are very sharp and can chop ...
  • Out of Stock

    PVC Drain Rods

    Minimum of 3 rods apply per order 22mm PVC rods with universal brass screw connections for drain cleaning in 100 ...
  • Out of Stock

    Ridgid Style Funnel Drill

    A tool to remove or to drill chokings caused for ex. rags. Also for retrieving.   [button title="Request a Quote" ...
  • Switch Micro (no cover)

    Replacement Switch Micro (Less Case) for Electric Eel Model C  
  • Out of Stock

    Telescopic Pole for Grabbers

    This item is used to pick debris from the bottom of sewers, catch basin, wells and pits. The claw can ...
  • US Jetting 4025 Water Jetting Trailer

    95lpm @ 275 Bar (4000psi) The U.S.J. 4025 trailer is a High pressure hydraulic sewer cleaner designed to use high ...
  • Cherne Deflection Gauges

    Deflection Gauges Deflection Gauges (mandrels) are used to test flexible sewer pipe for out-ofroundness or deflection per ASTM specifications D3034 ...
  • Cherne Test Ball® Plugs

    The Cherne Test-Ball has been the contractor’s choice for over 50 years and continues to be the most trusted pneumatic ...
  • Debris Grit Catcher with 7.6M Rope

    ***includes solid half bottom and back to catch the grit*** Sizes available: 6″ (152mm) Debris Grit Catcher with Rope, 8″ ...
  • Electric Eel Model CT

    The Electric Eel Model CT features unique variable speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and exceptional ...
  • enz KBRV Nozzles

    The KBRV nozzle has 2 semi radial jets directed forward at an angle of 45º and 2 nozzles set at ...
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