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  • enz® Pointed Nozzles

    Designed to penetrate the toughest blockages the enz® pointed nozzle directs 30% of your jetters flow forward 15º through its ...
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    enz® Standard Penetrator Nozzle

    Designed to penetrate the toughest blockages the enz® pointed nozzle directs 30% of your jetters flow forward 15º through its ...
  • Heavy Duty Tiger Tail Puma Hose Guide

    Our new Super Heavy Duty Puma Tail hose guide is molded from a smooth bore rubber hose that holds up ...
  • PUMA Sewer Magnet 45KGS Capacity

    45KGS Capacity. An overall metal retriever. Connects right to our fiberglass poles. Great tool for retrieving that lost tool; can ...
  • Trelleborg Drain Packer Patch Kit

    A perfect start into “No-Dig” business You always need high-quality equipment to obtain high-quality results. The equipment tailored to the ...
  • Trelleborg Resin Systems

    Resin systems for full rehabilitation and sectional renovation of pipes and sewers. Trelleborg Pipe Seals manufactures high-quality resin systems for ...
  • USJ-126 Belt 3.5”

    High Torque Drive Belt for US Jet 4018, 2036/ 3L41C and 3M41L Diesels.  
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    APS90 Folding Manhole lever with Wheels (Lifting Cart) for Cover Lifters

    APS90 is a multi-purpose, wheeled, folding lever designed for use in combination with the CL10, CL11, PM500, Mechanical Clamps and ...
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    EHLE Smoke Machine

    ‘Fog-smoker’ is a compact but powerful unit with integrated fan. This unit is especially suited for professional inspection of tubes, ...
  • enz® Grenade Bomb Nozzles

    Made of wear resistant hardened steel, the enz® Grenade bomb has been designed with jets set at both 10º & ...
  • Pull Out Tool

    For pushing rods into line. Reverse to pull out.  
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    PUMA Shovels

    Black steel shovels comes in various shapes.  Connects to fibreglass poles.    
  • Smoke Fogger Fluid

    Smoke/Fogger fluid that produce thick, dense smoke to effectively perform smoke tests. Two types of smoke/fogger fluid Available 20L Petroleum ...
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    Tiger Tail Roller Guide

    Tiger Tail (aliminium) 5 Roller Guide with 7.6M (25′) Rope . Lowers your hose and nozzles into sewer pipe. Protects ...
  • Trelleborg Drain Liner End Seal

    Prevents infiltration between Liner and Host Pipe. The Drain Liner End Seal utilizes the patented Slotted Band® to provide maximum ...
  • USJ-470 Belt

    High Torque Drive Belt for US Jet 4025/4L41C Diesel.  
  • Assembly Turning Handle 8mm Single Bar

    For easy assembly of rod. Pin locks in flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
  • Cherne Plug Inflation Hoses

    Inflation extension hoses to suit Cherne Plugs Suit plugs up to 381mm Schrader valve connection Available in sizes from 3M ...
  • enz® Flounder

    This tool is especially suited to cleaning flat pipes and channels. The even construction with its rounded corners and edges ...
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    Manhole Chisel Safety Handle

    Protect your hands when trying to open manholes/access chambers Light weight but strong nylon handle securely holds lifting chisels keeping ...
  • PUMA Fibreglass Poles with Standard Weight Orange Quick Connect

    We offer a full range of Fibreglass Pole sets. Hollow and foam filled. All come with a spring-loaded Male and ...
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    PUMA Hose Guide Roller Grabber

    New to our line of jetting tools, this strong steel construction downhose roller can grab your hose with a simple ...
  • Trelleborg Drain Internal Joint Seal

    Designed to restore joint integrity. Pipe and manhole joints generally experience higher ground water pressure than the grade adjustment area ...
  • Bar Turning Handle

    Goes through flex style coupling hole. Also used for light turning.  
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