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  • 468 Rootcutter (blades sold separately)

    A small diameter hydraulic rootcutter for use with larger flow machines. This cutter can be sized to suit units up ...
  • Cable Ridgid

    High quality drain cleaning cables that are strong and flexible. RRCAB10 – Cable Ridgid 4.5m uncored $125.40 ($137.94 incl. GST) ...
  • Coiled Spring Rods

    900 X 20mm sectional flexible spring sewer rods that join together to form a rod set to clear drains up ...
  • Electric Eel Model C

    The Model C Sectional Drain Cleaner is the best unit available for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for ...
  • enz® Nozzle Extension Bar – Rated to 350bar

    The Nozzle Extension Bar is used as a safetyliner to prevent nozzle turnback in pipe.
  • Flex Style Sewer Rod

    Premium grade spring steel rods with flex style couplings. 1m, 1.5m & 3m x 8mm (5/16) available.   [button title="Request ...
  • Out of Stock

    Lower Manhole Easement Roller

    Imagine an easement that is impossible to get to – on a hill, on a cliff, on rough terrain – ...
  • Out of Stock

    PUMA Lower Camera Roller (Aluminium) with 4 Offset Rollers

    Southland Tool has developed a strong and lightweight CCTV lower cable guide. It uses a collapsible shoe to support itself ...
  • Out of Stock

    PVC Rod Tool Kit

    The PVC Rod tool kit has all the tools you need for our PVC rods. Rod kits include: 1 x ...
  • Rioned AquaJet

    The AquaJet has a very compact design. It fits almost every lightweight van and pick-up, such as Toyota Hiace, MB ...
  • Rioned MiniJet

    The MiniJet is a professional high pressure jetting machine, that can be taken everywhere without problems. It is suitable to ...
  • Spanner Wrench

    Disconnects cables and tools
  • Switch Hand 5m Cable & Boot

    Replacement Switch Hand 5m Cable & Boot for Electric Eel Model C   This is a low stocked item.  If not ...
  • US Jetting 4018

    INDUSTRY LEADER 68lpm @ 275 Bar (4000psi) – The US Jetting 300 Gallon Platform Series of High-Pressure Jetting units is ...
  • Out of Stock

    USJ-040-RMT Check Valve

    Jump Jet check valve suits US Jet 4018, 4025 and 2036 units.  
  • Warthog Drain Cleaning Nozzles

    Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain cleaning tools from Warthog offer superior drain cleaning. Warthog nozzles are engineered to handle the ...
  • 468 Hydraulic Rootcutter Kit

    Hydraulic powered root cutter -1/2”- 12.5mm for pipes from 100 to 225mm. Will operate on flows from 38lpm (10gpm) to 56lpm ...
  • CityJet Van Pack Jetter

    CityJet Van Pack Jetter The compact van pack jetter maximises payload capacity in drain jetting vans. The high-pressure water jetting ...
  • Out of Stock

    Corrugated Pipe Roller

    This new item shown in place is in a 24″ corrugated pipe and slips over the pipe wall that is ...
  • eCityJet Van Pack Jetter – Electric Water Jetter

    eCityJet Van Pack Jetter The fully electric CityJet jetting machine uses state-of-the-art technology, and features a strong electric motor powered ...
  • Electric Eel Model K

    32mm to 75mm lines Economical Model K comes standard with 15m of 12.5mm cable and 3 cleaning tools. Weighs only ...
  • Polypropylene Rod (kits)

    900 x 20mm Sectional Poly Lockfast sewer rods for use in 100 and 150mm drains. The unique brass locking nuts ensure ...
  • Rioned MultiJet

    The Rioned MultiJet is a high pressure jetting trailer designed and built with our latest jetting technology and is suitable ...
  • Round Stock Corkscrews

    Used to create an opening in blocked lines. 40 to 100mm pipe size. Great for use in lines with little or no ...
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