Flexible Shaft Machines

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  • Flexible Shaft

    THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY The Flexible Shaft is the ideal entry-level tool for unclogging and cleaning short pipes in kitchens ...
  • Renzorato – Flexible Shafts

    FLEXIBLE SHAFTS FOR Renzorato & Flexible Shaft The shafts are used together with Renzorato machines & Flexible Shaft.  Standard length ...
  • Renzorato Chain Knockers

    Renzorato Chain Knockers   Adjustable tools without carbide teeth for cleaning plastic pipes or fragile pipes, cast iron and concrete. ...
  • Renzorato Cutters & Accessories

    Cutters for the Renzorato Wing cutter MAXIMUM opening of branch lines This is an amazing tool that opens up the ...
  • Renzorato SW-20 20M (10mm)

    THE FLEXIBLE NEW WAY OF DRAIN CLEANING The new Renzorato high-speed flexible shaft drain cleaning machine has been designed for ...

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